I am a Production Assistant / Coordinator based in Toronto, Canada with three years experience on a variety of commercials, television and film sets.

  In May 2017 I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at Ryerson University, graduating with Honours and Dean's List distinction. In my last year of study I also produced a documentary on Ryerson's Volleyball team which went on to win a Sports Media College Award. The first for any school outside the United States.

  I am currently working full-time at studio m digital productions in Toronto, a Cannes Lion winning production house, working with in-house production staff, creatives, and industry freelancers.

  I am always looking to expand my contacts and project opportunities, in both Canadian and international markets. Hoping to one day work in a major market producing high-quality film and television that enlightens and inspires audiences around the world. 

Elwin van Alst


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